I'm a 17 year old Floridian stoner with a heart of gold. I love my friends, lighters, animals, food, music, Kid Cudi, movies, and no one can dislike a nice glass bong.


One of my best friends won’t talk to me, one of my good friends Caleb moved away and honestly I could care less (well I miss Caleb but he’ll be back in 7 months). So I’m gonna do what I do best, snort some lines, chill with my squad, fuck some fine bitches, more lines and so many blunts they smell me down the street! Fuck the problems and bitches I got what I need!!!

I feel like an assssss I told my friend I would go over tonight but my mom wouldn’t let me take the car because she had a fucking date!! Ugtbk fuck shit I hate online fucking dating sites!!!! Fucking old ass pervs stay the fuck away from my mom or at least pick her up so I can have the damn car!!!!!!!

Alright let me hit you with the past few days of my life. 

I’ve been chilling with all my dealers and a bunch of friends everyday for the past 4 days, they come over we roll up mad weed and just straight up box my fucking house. Then we started selling drugs out of my house, and since I’ve got the connections for this part of town (all my dealers go to one high school) and I live next to the other major high school (the one they don’t go to) in my town (4500 students) and they don’t have the connections there I’m gonna start flipping oz’s with them to get to this part of town. This week has been bomb as fuck, except for those things that just bug you because they’re always on your mind.